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  • FHA Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate (ARM) Programs
  • FHA Low Down Payment Home Purchase Loans
  • FHA Low Documentation Streamline Refinance Loans
  • FHA 203K Full Documentation And Streamline Rehabilitation Loans
  • FHA Back To Work Program
  • FHA Cash Out Refinance Loans
  • FHA Reverse Mortgages
  • USDA 100% Financing Home Purchase Loans
  • USDA Pilot Streamline Refinance Loans
  • VA Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate (ARM) Programs
  • VA 100% Financing Home Purchase Loans
  • VA 100% LTV Cash Out IRRL Loan
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate (ARM) Programs
  • Fannie Mae Home Path Loans
  • Fannie Mae My Community Home Loan
  • Fannie Mae Agency High Balance (JUMBO) Loans
  • Fannie Mae DU Refi Plus Unlimited LTV
  • Freddie Mac LP Open Access Unlimited LTV
  • Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance Programs
  • First and Second Mortgage Combo Loans
  • Jumbo Home Loans
  • Jumbo Purchase High Loan To Value
  • Jumbo Rate and Term Refinance
  • Low Rate Jumbo Arm Loans
  • State Bond Programs
  • WHEDA (Wisconsin)
  • Home in 5 Program
  • Florida Housing Finance Corporation First-Time
  • Homebuyer Program
  • CDA Loan Programs
  • Minnesota Housing Mortgage Loan Programs
  • Department of Housing and Community
  • Affairs (TDHCA)
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  • Colorado (CO)
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  • Florida (FL)
  • Illinois (IL)
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GSF is very proud that we have recently been approved as a Ginnie Mae Issuer. Ginnie Mae facilitates the securitization of government-insured products. They are not in the business of making or purchasing mortgage loans and do not buy, sell or issue securities.

We are pleased to share in Ginnie Mae's mission to expand affordable housing throughout the markets they serve. In 1995, GSF Mortgage was formed to provide solutions for borrowers pursuing homeownership. GSF's stability and expertise originating FHA, VA and USDA loans has allowed the company to meet the high standards of Ginnie Mae and become eligible for the privilege of becoming a direct servicer. This directly translates to offering more products, lessening underwriting requirements and lowering interest rates directly to the customer.

What does that mean for our originators?

The ability to issue Ginnie Mae securities will allow GSF to establish its own underwriting criteria within agency guidelines and retain the servicing rights of the borrower's. Our goal is to continue to serve our borrowers at the highest-level, beginning at origination and continuing as their servicer. Customer support and retention is at the core of our business plan and becoming a Ginnie Mae Issuer allows us an opportunity to be more to our borrowers over the life of their loan. As a member of our origination staff, this means that you will have the ability to retain your customer's future business, in the event of a refinance or new purchase. This is a huge step in preventing a competitor or alternate servicer to capture their attention when they are ready to get another loan.

At GSF Mortgage, we offer a Cooperative Style Lending Platform. Our approach is not to take away the essence of the organization but to share operational, legal, underwriting, regulatory and compliance resources. GSF Mortgage offers a suite of systems that helps to streamline the loan process while staying within regulations and compliance.

Encompass Encompass is designed to address the challenges of mortgage professionals. Ellie Mae offers a full-featured, start-to-finish solution that automates virtually every step in the mortgage process from processing to closing and funding.
Optimal Blue Optimal Blue provides managed-content, enterprise lending services that helps navigate the complex mortgage process from capital markets, to point-of-sale and back.
Interthinx Interthinx understands that loan quality and data integrity are the foundation of effective financial services risk mitigation.

ThinkGSF is our internal portal where you can access important announcements, find documents including timesheets, PTO forms and review of compliance tutorials and webinars. Loan originators have a resource tab where they can find out in-depth information about loan programs, brokered business, bond and DBA programs and appraisal management.

ThinkGSF provides one-stop site access to:

  • daily rates
  • reports
  • helpdesk
  • GFE calculators
  • underwriting scenarios
  • GSF Gear Store

We use an internal social network to keep everyone posted on day-to-day information, important company announcements and marketing ideas. It is designed to encourage real-time conversations between team members across the country. It is a dynamic way to keep in touch. This helps us to reduce the number of company emails in your inbox.

Google Apps

Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting. Get more out of your workday. Schedule events in Calendar at times that work for everyone. Get meeting reminders directly to your Gmail inbox. With one-click, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team. Less prep, fewer next steps. Connect with your Outlook email client or any other email client.

GSF Mortgage is honored to be recognized for its achievements in company culture, leadership, production and technology. These awards would not have been possible without the strength and support of each of our team members.

  • 2011, 2012, 2013 USDA Platinum Million Dollar Lender
  • 2012, 2013 Mortgage Technology's Top Tech Savvy Lenders and Servicers
  • 2013 INC Magazine Hire Power Award
  • 2015, 2014 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Top Workplaces
  • 2014 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Best In Class
  • 2014 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Leadership
  • Mortgage Executive's 50 Best Companies To Work For
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 5-Star Zillow Lender


When loan officers are looking to change jobs, it's about more than the money. It's about being able to close loans on time, receiving proper training and having confidence in managers' preparation for change. Here is what our branch managers and loan originators have to say about GSF Mortgage's operations:

Source: Origination News

Problem #1: Slow Process For Loan Approval

My experience as a branch manager with GSF Mortgage has been without complaints. Pricing is excellent. Processing is knowledgeable, friendly and timely. Underwriting has been quick and common sense, and the closing department has been quick and efficient. Payroll has always been accurate. Lastly, branch reports can be pulled easily through the ThinkGSF employee website portal. GSF Mortgage has exceeded my expectations as an employer.

Ray Stevens

Branch Manager Since 2013 (1 year)

I wish I could have been working here for the past 20 years, The processing team and the underwriting team pulled off two closings for me the day before Thanksgiving and I was thinking "no way!". With the help of underwriting and closing, everyone continues to blow me away on how awesome GSF really is. GSF is making me look good. I have never had the kind of support I have here. I just want to say thanks!!

Marty Siklich

Branch Manager Since 2013 (1 year)
Problem #2: Lack of Support

I cannot imagine working with another group of individuals so committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. From processing and underwriting to closing and funding, the entire group consistently works together to guarantee timely and efficient closings. What may be the most important advantage to being a GSF manager/originator is the accessibility to our team. You can just as easily sit down with an underwriter as you can with the president of our company. This alone makes the sometimes difficult process of closing a loan much more manageable. And I can't forget - our marketing department rocks!

Andy Newman

Branch Manager Since 1996 (18 years)

I have member of the GSF Mortgage family for over 15 years. During this time, I've had the opportunity to work in many different areas of the company, including management, support staff and now settling very happily into sales. During my time with GSF, I feel I have been lucky enough to see them grow and develop into something awesome. The people I work with, the support we receive and the ever-changing support they give us in the sales department is impeccable. Never do I feel like there isn't someone there to reach out to in order to get the answers I may need to do my job most effectively.

I'm proud to say that I work at and for GSF Mortgage. If considering a position with GSF Mortgage, you should know you're joining a team of family orientated, caring and hard-working people who support one another. You have to be happy going to work everyday and I can say that's true for me.

Dana Tilidetzke

Loan Originator Since 2001 (13 years)

Being part of GSF Mortgage is like being part of a family. I've worked here during the ups and downs of the mortgage industry and worked in many different facets of the company. I've learned so much and have grown up within the company. The support you feel within GSF is unmatched to any company I've ever worked for. I feel confident coming to work every day knowing I work for an honest and sincere company. I plan on working my entire mortgage career at GSF Mortgage.

Jennifer Geiger

Loan Originator Since 2007 (7 years)

I looked at few different companies before joining the GSF Team. GSF offered the flexibility and feel that I was looking for. They have a small town feel with all the benefits of a much bigger company. There is easy access to all the resources needed to be a successful branch. There is a feeling of being part of a family with GSF.

Brian Fisher

Branch Manager Since 2009 (5 years)

I am currently celebrating my third anniversary as a branch manager with GSF Mortgage Corp. When I was a branch manager with another company, I found it was time to make a change. I had been doing business with GSF as a lender and I felt that it would be a good fit. I haven't looked back.

Brad Kovachik

Branch Manager Since 2011 (3 years)

My experience with GSF began in February of 2012 after having been in the mortgage industry going on nearly a dozen and having been with the same lender for the last eight. I had grown accustomed to a certain company culture- a very negative one, that I felt was very common to the mortgage industry as a whole. A complete lack of support, a feeling of distance and distrust, and no sense that anyone cared at all for your success. To say the least, this had a direct impact on the both the quantity and quality of business being done.

Looking for a change, I found GSF and again figured it would be business as usual. I'm happy to say that I was completely wrong. I found a smaller company that proved to be innovative yet maintained a traditional company culture, one of support, trust, and recognition, the feeling that you are a part of a team. I was told GSF would help me to succeed and grow my business as much as I chose to, and they delivered. I feel confident in GSF's long term success as a leading mortgage lender and am very proud to be a part of a team.

Frank Papaleo

Branch Manager Since 2012 (2 years)

I've been with GSF since July 2013 and I do believe I've found a good fit for me. I've been in the mortgage field for approximately 17 years and they have given me the opportunity of having my own branch without the many restrictions other companies impose. I can certainly say I have the trust factor with GSF and feel comfortable with operations and the company as a whole. Though I have not been with GSF for a long period of time, I feel like I'm part of their family and would recommend them to anyone looking to continue their mortgage business.

Michael Licciardi

Branch Manager Since 2013 (1 year)

GSF Mortgage Corporation is not my employer; it's my second family. Great work atmosphere, family oriented company, there's always room for growth. Everybody gets along and everybody is always willing to help.

Lourdes Marquez

Loan Originator Since 2013 (1 year)

My first thoughts of GSF are its honesty and integrity. Being in this business for 20 years that has not always been the rule for all companies. I have never met Chad or Debbie personally, but have formed the opinion that they have an open-door policy. I would not hesitate to call on either of them for help. This is not only my perception, but also that of the whole office. Being new to GSF has led my office to call Corporate for guidance and help and every time we not only get the help, but are amazed at not only the knowledge of GSF people but at the enthusiasm they seem to have in sharing with us. The Bolivar office feels very blessed to have found GSF and absolutely believe we are where we are supposed to be.

Bobby Roberts

Branch Manager Since 2014

I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to listen to me yesterday and get the file cleared. I truly love GSF. We are able to identify issues, work them out and service the borrowers. This is what lending is all about!

Stephen Trye

Branch Manager Since 2014

Ruth has been great! Everyone in the company has been great, they have been making my transition very smooth and I am very happy with the support I have been given.

Yolanda Planes

Loan Originator Since 2015
Problem #3: Challenging Systems and Technology

We worked with two organizations prior to joining GSF Mortgage. Our experience with GSF Mortgage has been very positive for the following reasons:

  1. The usage of great technology allows us to be very efficient. At times we are able to close a purchase within three weeks. This allows us to be known in the marketplace as an efficient and effective organization. That also helps differentiate us in the market.
  2. We are able to communicate with the staff at any time and this open communication allows us to move our loans smoothly.
  3. Our pricing is very competitive, which allows us to compete with the "larger banks."

Nicole Lissade

Branch Manager Since 2012 (2 years)

I joined GSF Mortgage Corporation as a Branch Manager back in August 2013 having been in the mortgage industry for over 23+ years. As a result of being extensively involved in this industry for many years, I thoroughly investigated different mortgage lender operations before deciding to join GSF Mortgage. By far, GSF Mortgage has offered me a platform with state-of-the-art technology and compliance review processes that enable me to operate my branch effectively. GSF further allows me to focus my time on what I do best - originating and closing mortgage loans. Furthermore, all of the staff at GSF Mortgage have been very easy to work with and all seem to really enjoy what they do. It is nice to be a part of a mortgage lending company where everyone works hard as a team toward- one goal: correctly and effectively closing mortgage loans. I would recommend any experienced mortgage lending professional looking for a mortgage team, look no further than GSF Mortgage Corporation. What are you waiting for? Contact them today!!

Mike Morrison

Branch Manager Since 2013 (1 year)

I absolutely love working for GSF Mortgage. I had been working as a processor/loan officer for another company when I came across GSF Mortgage. I realized that my skills were not being utilized to their best potential and after checking out this company, I found the company I wanted to work for. With a 20 year history in the mortgage business, they truly understand today's market and clientele. The days of taking hand written applications are gone and the technology that GSF Mortgage has to offer is outstanding. Every step of the way the client is made to feel informed about their loan. I love that! I am very proud to be a part of their team!

Brenda Sanders

Branch Manager Since 2014
Problem #4: Online Marketing Challenges

I am proud to say that I have been part of the GSF team for 16 years. We have survived and flourished despite all of the changes in the industry. Our underwriters and processors are top notch and carry the knowledge and experience to make sure our files get closed on time. Our marketing and management team does a great job of setting us apart from our competition. They are focused on positive reviews and providing programs to brand the GSF name.

Pam Gustafson

Loan Originator Since 1998 (16 years)

I have been with GSF mortgage over 14 years. During that time, I have seen the company grow and change a lot. The true difference between GSF and other companies is that GSF embraces the change and are always in front of it. When other companies are scrambling to implement some compliance piece or bring on a new loan product, GSF has already implemented it, trained you on it and created a marketing strategy for it. It's that kind of forward thinking and commitment to being better that has always put GSF ahead of the rest.

I believe the successeses are a direct result of working at GSF. They allowed me to create and implement my own marketing systems and strategies and have helped whenever needed. If you take all that, along with the best processors and underwriters in the industry, you have a perfect recipe for success.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and it is not often you can look back and say, "I wouldn't have done that any differently". Well, if I had to do it all over again, I would still have chosen GSF.

To sum it up: If you're thinking of making a move or starting a career… Go GSF!

Mike Cox

Branch Manager Since 2000 (14 years)
Problem #5: Losing Past Customers to Competition Due to Rates

I came to work for GSF Mortgage a little over two years ago. As an employee, the differences between GSF Mortgage and other mortgage companies were immediately apparent. The culture of the company is upbeat and positive, the management is progressive, forward thinking and flexible. Underwriting is approachable and they are not offended if you question a decision. GSF Mortgage is technologically advanced, and they have an attorney and compliance manager who will review any question quickly so you can move on with your customer. GSF is cost conscious, keeping their fees and rates as low as possible without sacrificing service and compliance. I am proud to say I am a loan originator with GSF Mortgage Corporation.

Eileen Million

Loan Originator Since 2011 (3 years)

GSF has far exceeded my expectations from the helpful staff answering any questions, to training and mortgage rates. GSF is making me feel more confident about originating mortgages in a market that is more and more competitive everyday. Having the marketing, the pricing and product to help me succeed is essential in today's market. I have only been with GSF a short time but it all has been great.

Marty Siklich

Branch Manager Since 2013 (1 year)
Problem #6: Low Customer Satisfaction

I have been with GSF Mortgage since day one in 1995. You are and always will be treated as one of the family when you join the greatest mortgage company in the business. Our management team, underwriting, processing, loan originators, and behind the scenes staff is second to none. At GSF Mortgage our customers and employees always come first.

Brian Fiskum

Branch Manager Since 1995 (19 years)

My experience with GSF has been nothing short of phenomenal. I started with the company about two years ago and am confident I will finish my career here. From the variety and scope of the loan products and services, to the customer centric focus, to the family oriented atmosphere, all of my expectations have been exceeded. If you have an interest in working for a top-flight company, with world-class people, with goals of personal and professional development and success, GSF should be at the top of your list.

Jason Gasior

Loan Originator Since 2012 (2 years)

Both the underwriters and closing department do an amazing job and WOW clients, Realtors and even sellers. I very much appreciate all their efforts!! It makes my job easier to get more business.

Robert L. Scolnick

Branch Manager Since 2014

The testimonials presented on any of our Company’s websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals.

Our Leadership Team

Chad Jampedro

Chad Jampedro


I began my career at GSF Mortgage in 2001 as a Loan Originator. I worked my way through the ranks serving as a Branch Manager, Marketing Director, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer before becoming President of GSF Mortgage. My duties now are to oversee the operations, direct marketing, production and secondary marketing departments of GSF. Under my direction as President, GSF Mortgage has earned the USDA Platinum Million Dollar Lender Award, been named among Mortgage Technology's Top Tech-Savvy Lenders and Servicers, awarded Inc.'s 2013 Hire Power Award, achieved Mortgage Executive magazine's 2014 50 Best Companies to Work For and recently been given a Top Workplace Award by the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinal. I have been named among National Mortgage Professional's Legends of Lending, 40 Under 40 and MPA's Hot 100 in 2014. GSF Mortgage maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 91% Net Promoter Score and is a 5-star Zillow Lender.

Mike Maida

Mike Maida

National Sales Director

My career in the financial services industry has encompassed origination, sales in the wholesale production channel, as well as secondary market employee management. I am currently the National Sales Director for GSF Mortgage Corporation. I oversee both development and production for retail, wholesale and correspondent lending channels. I provide leadership through effective communication of objectives, active coaching, skill development and results analysis. I assist my team in proactively identifying changes in market conditions, and advise them in how to develop, modify and maintain strategies and tactics accordingly.

Debbie Beier

Debbie Beier

General Manager

I have been with GSF Mortgage for six years. I started my career with GoGSF as an account executive, building the wholesale division. My experience in the industry includes sales in both the wholesale and retail channel and managing operations.

Currently, I am the General Manager for GSF Mortgage Corporation where I manage the day-to-day operations. I have one of the best operational teams in the industry. Together, we have made the loan process more efficient, which has allowed our originators to focus on taking care of their customers.

Bruce Olster

Bruce Olster

Capital Market & Corporate Development

My mortgage banking career spans three decades. I have experience in Secondary Marketing, Finance, Warehouse Lending, Business Development and Strategic Planning. GSF is an exciting place to be right now because all of the elements are in place to aggressively compete and succeed in our industry. What do I mean? The licensing across all agencies has been achieved, therefore allowing direct secondary market access to the best rates for our customers; the capital is available to grow the originations across all channels; technology is in place at a cost effective price to compete with the largest industry originators and most importantly the experience of the staff and leadership is on board to execute the plan. Though the industry always changes, GSF has a 20-year track record of staying ahead of the curve. I am glad to be a part of the GSF team, especially now.

Frank Papaleo

Frank Papaleo

Regional Manager

I am a 15-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry and have served in multiple functions within the loan origination environment. I've always enjoyed working one-on-one with my team and feel I have a natural ability to connect with others, helping them to realize and achieve their goals. Joining GSF in 2012 proved to be the most rewarding experience of my career. My goal is to assist in our company's continued growth and success, while maintaining the level of support and personal connection with my team that I value and have come to expect from the GSF organization.

Rich Obermeier

Rich Obermeier

Regional Manager

With over 25 years in the mortgage industry, I have worked with some of the largest bank-owned mortgage companies in the country developing retail and wholesale channels. In 2011, the national bank I was working with exited our market and I joined GSF. While at GSF, I've had the opportunity to work in several different positions from retail loan officer/branch manager to wholesale account executive. I am currently a Regional Manager and focusing on branch development and growth.

Elisa Ruer

Elisa Ruer

Corporate Attorney

Upon graduating from Marquette University Law School in 1998, I began my legal career as General Counsel for Evergreen Title, providing legal guidance in the areas of real estate, corporate law, and title insurance.

Evergreen Title Corporation closed in 2005, and I became Corporate Counsel for USA Funding, a mortgage lender and broker until it closed its doors. My experience encompasses all areas of mortgage lending, real estate law, compliance, corporate law and title insurance. May of 2015 I accepted a position as Corporate Counsel with GSF Mortgage Corporation.

I am licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and in May 2005, I passed the Florida Bar Exam and have been licensed since in Florida

Leah Marsh

Leah Marsh

Director of Marketing

As the Marketing Director here at GSF, my main focus lies in development, nurturing and protecting our GoGSF brand. Brand advocacy and awareness have always been my passion. I also have a strong interest and background in new technologies and ideas being introduced within our industry.

All of my marketing and technology efforts are made both on the consumer level, where I put myself in the customer's shoes and on a higher level where I utilize efficiency and ease-of-use tactics for our company's sales teams.

I work with our sales teams to build referral relationships with Realtors and to earn referrals. I also am developing a plan to increase multi-media interactions with staff and customers to give them more information to make educated decisions. One of my favorite mantras is "Leave No Stone Unturned" in my pursuit of useful marketing methods for us here at GSF Mortgage.

Alyssa Schwabe

Alyssa Schwabe

Social Media & Public Relations

I recently joined GSF Mortgage upon graduation from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where I earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies, obtained a minor in Communication and a Digital Arts & Culture Certificate.

I assist all of our branches in setting up and implementing a social media strategy. Social media is always changing, so I make sure to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and pass them along to our branches.

I am passionate about giving back to the community. Since I started with GoGSF, the company has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society and Ronald McDonald House.

Corina Metz

Corina Metz

Corporate Solutions Specialist

I joined GSF Mortgage Corporation over 6 years ago and have had the opportunity to work in several different positions within the company including origination, account management, underwriting, quality control, due diligence and other areas in operations. I have almost 20 years of service in the mortgage industry under my belt and take pride in assisting others to meet their goals.

My knowledge of products, our internal process and my understanding of the challenges that other departments face contributes to my effectiveness in assisting others. I am excited about the growth of GSF Mortgage and am proud to work for this company. I look forward to the future of this company and will help serve the team of great employees in any way I can.

Marketing Support

Listing Pro

Listing Pro
At GSF Mortgage, we offer the following proprietary marketing solutions for each of our loan officers. You will not find these solutions from any other company:

Listing Pro is a Marketing Partnership Program designed to accentuate your Realtor relationships. The creation of a dedicated single property website, along with many other tools, will help you and your referral partner gain more buyer leads.

GSF Credit Care

GSF Credit Care is a completely free credit monitoring program for 90 days. There is no obligation and no upfront payment information needed. Customers may cancel at any time. Upon expiration, customers will be given options to continue or upgrade their membership.

Benefits Include:

  • 90 Day Membership
  • No Upfront Credit Card Needed
  • Access to Credit Report & Score
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Protection
Credit Care Banner

MBS Highway

MBS Highway is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps industry professionals to interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets.

The brainchild of renowned mortgage industry executive Barry Habib, MBS Highway offers exclusive information that mortgage professionals can rely on for ultimate relevance, speed and precision.

MBS Highway has a mobile web application that you can easily use throughout the day. Everything on the full site is available for you to use on the go. There is no need to download apps and constantly update them. Just go to m.mbshighway.com from your mobile device

MBS TrendTRAKR MBS Market Quotes
Barry Habib

CMPS Institute

CMPS is like a minituare financial planning course that helps you understand how the mortgage fits into the overall context of a client's financial strategy. We've found that going to one training class isn't enough. That's why we include mortgage sales training, weekly coaching and implementation technology with your membership. Our sales platform is designed to help you measure:

  • How many closing you need to earn your target income goal
  • How many face-to-face meetings and phone conversations you need to reach your closings goal
  • How many contacts you need to make in order to reach your appointments goal
CMPS Insititute

Immediate Marketing Support

  • Your Business Card

    When making the transition to GSF Mortgage, you will not be alone. We have a dedicated onboarding team to help ensure a smooth transition and to answer any questions you may have. You will receive a warm welcome from our Marketing team and an overview of all the marketing resources available.

    Immediate Marketing Support Includes:

    • Business Cards
    • Personal GSF Mortgage Loan Officer Webpage
    • Press Release Announcing Your Transition
    • Social Media Support
    • Change of Company Collateral

About Us

Our Story

In 1995, our founders Phil Siebert and Jim Guzanick, launched GSF Mortgage Corporation in Wisconsin and Illinois. It wasn't long before the small mortgage brokerage garnered a reputation for its low rates, fair lending practices and remarkable customer service.

It was the company's loyalty to customers that led the firm in 2001 to transform its business model from a brokerage into a full-service direct mortgage lender. Soon, the company expanded outside of the Midwest, into multiple states across the country.

Under the company's new president, Chad Jampedro, GSF Mortgage continues to expand, yet remains dedicated to consumer education, process transparency and the ability to offer customers a wide selection of mortgage products. Our company has earned access and developed experience with nearly every agency and government-backed residential home mortgage program, while offering the most competitive and flexible terms available.

In addition to being approved as a Fannie Mae Direct Seller/Servicer, and most recently a Ginnie Mae Securities Issuer, we also provide support for state bond, rehabilitation, second-lien and Jumbo lending programs.

Nearly 20 years later, GSF continues to be recognized for its dedication to customers. Our GoGSF brand strives to combine state-of-the-art technology with customized loan programs, and a customer focused lending process. There is a reason why GSF Mortgage has more than 40,000 successful retail mortgage transactions to date and maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

We call it: "Lending In Your Favor."

Letter From The President

Thank you for your interest in GSF Mortgage and "TeamGO". I am thrilled to have an opportunity to introduce our company and share with you a little about myself and my time here at GSF. First and foremost, GSF offers a Cooperative Style Lending Platform, which is rare in our industry today. We encourage branch autonomy where possible. Our approach is to assist our branch partners in preserving the company culture that you have worked so tirelessly to build. Our approach is not to take away the essence of your business but to share operational, legal, underwriting, regulatory and compliance resources. Bringing successful business owners together to scale services, reduce costs and limit liabilities is the core of our offering. This is what truly differentiates GSF from the competition. We are a Fannie Mae Direct Seller/Servicer and a Ginnie Mae Issuer with more than 25 correspondent investors as well as 12 wholesale relationships. We also have access to portfolio lending products for Jumbo, home equity and non-traditional lending programs.

I began my career at GSF in 2001, joining the company as a Loan Originator. I worked my way through the ranks of GSF serving as a Branch Manager, Marketing Director, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, before becoming President of GSF Mortgage in 2013. My duties include overseeing operations, capital acquisition, production, recruiting and secondary marketing departments of GSF. My exposure to multiple high-level aspects of the lending industry have contributed to a unique perspective and the ability to associate the duties and objectives of each department into an operational plan.

Under my direction as President, GSF has been awarded the USDA Platinum Million Dollar Lender Award three times; been named among Mortgage Technology's Top Tech-Savvy Lenders twice; the Inc. Hire Power Award in 2013 and most recently, both the Journal Sentinel's Top Work Places and Best In Class. I have been named among National Mortgage Professional's Legends of Lending and 40 Under 40; MPA's Hot 100 award; Mortgage Executive Magazine's 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives in America and recently won the Journal Sentinel's Leadership award. GSF Mortgage maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a 5-star Zillow Lender.

More important than any award or accolade, what I'm most proud of is the team that we have assembled to support our branches and their origination activities. This current team is the most capable, diligent group that I have ever worked with. We have talented, experienced managers in every department and it shows in our service capabilities and day-to-day support. This group will listen to your questions and concerns, understand your needs and get things done. After all, the ability to establish company relationships is the first step to creating a successful business.

I am also extremely proud of our stability and longevity. When you conduct business the right way, you are rewarded. We have been rewarded with nearly 20 years of successful business. In fact, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in early 2015. The strength to navigate through tough times comes from establishing trusting relationships with our sales and operational teams. Four of our branches have been with us from the very beginning and many more have called GSF Mortgage "home" for more than 10 years. Additionally, more than 75% of our employees have been here for more than 7 years!

We want you to know that you have a home here. We will support you in good markets and bad. At GSF, we have opened every channel possible for you to continue to do what you do best: close loans. If you are looking for a new and exciting opportunity with a company you are proud to call home, we hope you might consider a career with GSF Mortgage.

Chad Jampedro
All the best,

Chad Jampedro, President

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